Enrollment and Benefit Administration Platform Providers: A Marketplace Review

Cost: $2,500; published 2016

Brokers and employers alike are looking for more and varied options for benefits enrollment, education, and administrative expertise and assistance amidst a volatile and changing workforce and legislative environment. Those carriers that do not—or cannot—deliver may be putting their business at risk, not to mention wasting the time and effort taken to sell the case in the first place. To remain competitive, carriers must step up and meet a host of new demands, particularly for technology platforms that provide both benefit administration and enrollment. This means not only using their own technology, but also partnering with a technology provider that can deliver these important services.

The objective of this Spotlight™ Report, Enrollment and Benefit Administration Platform Providers: A Marketplace Review, is to look at technology platforms of leading providers so that carriers interested in interfacing with a third party and/or offering this service to their brokers can evaluate the available capabilities. This report has three sections. This section, the Executive Summary, provides the report objectives, structure, methodology and key findings. The second section provides an individual profile of each participating provider. The third section provides comparative data on key capabilities and processes for those profiled.

The data presented in the report is based on primary research supplied by the providers and/or from secondary sources (i.e., information available on the provider’s website, printed brochures, etc.).

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1.Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

2. Provider Profiles

A. Benefitfirst

B. Benefit Harbor

C. bswift

D. Businessolver

E. Common Census

F. Employee Navigator

G. Empyrean

H. Genius Avenue

I. Hodges-Mace, LLC

J. InRoll, LLC

K. Maxwell Health

L. PlanSource

M. Secova

N. Selerix

3. Side-by-Side Comparisons

A. General Provider Information Comparisons

1. Scope of Functionality

2. Type of Platform Technolog

3. Distribution System

4. Products Supported

B. Enrollment Capabilities Comparisons

1.Types of Enrollment Supported

2. Plan Set-up

3. User Experience

4. Educational Support

5. Other Support

C. Benefit Administration Capabilities Comparisons

1. Employer Services

2. Broker Services



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