Voluntary Benefits in the Large Case Market

Cost: $2,000; published 2017

The Voluntary Benefits in the Large Case Market Spotlightâ„¢ Report analyzes the opportunities and current results for selling voluntary benefits in the large employer market and updates Eastbridge’s original report published in 2014.
While the definition of a “large case” varies dramatically from carrier to carrier, this report defines large case as one with 1,000 or more employees. The report further breaks down the large case market whenever data is available. Specifically, the report looks at:

  • The size of the large employer market
  • What products are sold in this market
  • What large case employers look for in a voluntary product and carrier
  • Any differences in attitudes or ownership for employees in the large case market
  • The key players (carriers) in the large case market
  • Carrier practices in the market

With this information, carriers can better determine if this is a market they should pursue and/or how to compete effectively.


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1. Executive Summary

A. Study Objectives and Methodology

B. Key Findings

2. Detailed Findings

A. The Market

1. Size of the Market

2. Benefits Offered

3. Prevalence of Voluntary

4. Voluntary Sales

5. Changes Likely to Benefits Program

B. The Employer View of Voluntary

1. Reasons for Offering Voluntary

2. Number of Voluntary Carriers Used

3. Other Products from Voluntary Carrier

4. Importance Factors in Choosing a Voluntary Carrier

5. Voluntary Products Offered

6. Who Handles Enrollment

7. Preferred Enrollment Methods

8. Allowable Methods of Educating and Communicating Benefits

9. Administrative Preferences of Small Employers

C. The Employee View of Voluntary

1. Ownership of Voluntary

2. Voluntary Products Owned

3. Number of Voluntary Products Owned

4. Reasons for Buying Voluntary

5. Preferences for Leaning about Voluntary

6 Method of Enrollment

7. Overall Satisfaction with Enrollment

8. Importance of Online Capability

D. The Carrier View of Volunary

1. Introduction

2. Market Focus

3. Key Competitors

4. Distribution for Large Cases

5. Products for the Large Case Market

6. Large Case Product Platform

7. Types of Products Sold

8. Number of Products Sold

9. Product Bundling

10. Discounts for Multiple Products

11. Trends in Bundling

12. Issue-Age versus Attained-Age Pricing and Trends

13. Marketing Tools for Large Cases

14. Large Case Employer Services

15. Underwriting for Large Cases

16. Enrollment Methods

17. Enrollment Conditions

18. Takeovers

19. Large Case Results

20. Challenges


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