Broker Services for Voluntary Carriers

Cost: $2000; published 2015

With so many carriers entering the voluntary marketplace in the last few years, getting—and keeping—the attention of brokers is no easy task. While good products and customer service are always a must, differentiation through broker services can help a carrier standout in a crowded market.

This Spotlight™ Report, Broker Services for Voluntary Carriers, reviews the various broker services offered by voluntary carriers. These services include those offered directly to brokers as well as those offered to the brokers’ clients.

With this information, carriers can compare and assess the broker services they are currently offering to those of other carriers in the voluntary market.

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Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings


Broker and Client Services

A. Broker Services

1. Local Assistance to Close Case

2. Carrier Employee Enrollers

3. Access to Pre-Screened Enrollers or Enrollment Companies

4. Voluntary Business Leads

5. Online Product Training

6. Voluntary Sales Training

7. Online Commission Statements and Forms

8. Internet Seminars/Forums

9. Continuing Education

10. Other Broker Services

B. Client Services

1. Customized Enrollment Materials

2. Employee Enrollment Communications

3. Customized and Pre-Populated Enrollment Forms

4. Enrollment System (Online or Laptop)

5. Access to Private Exchange

6. Online Benefits Administration or HRIS Systems

7. Core Benefits Enrollment/Communication

8. Benefit Statements

9. Section 125 Document

10. Consolidated Billing

11. Payroll Administration Services

12. HSA or HRA Administration

13. Dependent Eligibility Audits/Verification

14. Full Benefits Administration

15. Flexible Spending Account Administration

16. COBRA Administration

17. Debit Cards for FSAs and Dependent Care FSAs

18. Employee Surveys

19. Absentee/Time-Off Hours Tracking

20. Other Client Services

C. General Carrier Information

1. Sales Premium for 2014

2. Voluntary Product Mix

3. Typical Voluntary Case Size


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