Forecasting Voluntary Sales

Cost: $1,000; published 2015

Eastbridge is often asked by carriers, brokers and others in industry to provide forecasts for future voluntary sales as well as the maximum market potential for voluntary. In the past, this information and other forecast data has been used by Eastbridge consultants but never published for use by current or prospective clients—until now. The Forecasting Voluntary Sales Spotlight™ Report analyzes the current sales, opportunities, and potential sales for the voluntary market.

Specifically, the report looks at:

  • The history of other forecasts for the market
  • Opportunity for sales based on employee and employer research
  • Different methodologies for forecasting
  • Actual forecasts for the future using different forecasting methods

With this information, carriers can develop their own viewpoints of the future opportunities in voluntary sales. The objective is not to convince carriers and others in the industry that Eastbridge forecasts are “right,” but to use it as a basis for encouraging dialogue within companies to discover their own “right.” In other words, it is not the “end,” but the means to the end.

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1. Introduction

A. Report Objectives

2. Discussion of Forecasting

A. History of Voluntary Forecasts

B. Voluntary Sales

C. Background on the Market

D. Background on Distribution

E. Market Forecasts

F. Other Influences

3. The Analysis



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