Forecasting Voluntary Sales Spotlightâ„¢ Report

Cost: $2,000; published 2018

Carriers, brokers and other industry professionals rely on voluntary market forecasts to inform their business plans to determine what investments to make and where. A large input into this decision-making process is a view or prediction about the future trajectory of voluntary sales and the market potential for voluntary. Eastbridge has used our forecasting data exclusively with consulting clients for many years and only recently began publishing this report for use by both current and prospective clients. The Forecasting Voluntary Sales Spotlightâ„¢ Report analyzes the current sales environment and future potential sales for the voluntary market.
Specifically, the report looks at:

  • The history of other forecasts for the market.
  • Opportunity for sales based on broker, employer and employee research.
  • Different methodologies for forecasting.
  • Actual forecasts for the future using different forecasting methods.

With this information, carriers can develop their own predictions for future opportunities in voluntary sales. The objective of the report is to offer a few frameworks for looking at the potential of the voluntary market as a springboard for discussion within companies to develop their own view as opposed to adopting Eastbridge’s forecasts as the letter of the law.

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1. Introduction

A. Report Objectives

2. Discussion of Forecasting

A. History of Voluntary Forecasts

B. Voluntary Sales

C. Background on the Market

D. Background on Distribution

E. Market Forecasts

F. Other Influences

3. The Analysis



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