Carriers and brokers expect new group growth to continue in the voluntary market in 2014, according to Eastbridge’s bi-annual survey

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (March 25, 2014)

The percentage of respondents expecting to acquire more new groups in 2014 was 91 percent in the year-end Voluntary Industry Confidence Index survey for 2013. That was an increase from the 87 percent at mid-year 2013 and 88 percent at year-end 2012, and the highest percentage reported since the study’s inception in 2005. Brokers are more likely to expect new groups to “increase a lot” in 2014 compared to carriers (42% and 35% respectively). 

Respondents were also asked their thoughts on the impact of health care reform on 2014 voluntary sales.  A higher percentage (75 percent) of respondents indicated that health care reform will have some or a major positive impact on sales.  Nineteen (19) percent said it will have some or a major negative impact, and six percent said it will have little or no impact. Interestingly, brokers are more likely than carriers to believe that health care reform will have a positive impact on sales, with 83 percent of brokers expecting at least some or a major positive impact compared to 72 percent of carriers.  

The Voluntary Industry Confidence Index study is conducted semi-annually and includes responses from individuals active in the market—carriers, brokers, and vendors. Like other confidence indices, the index is a single number that compares the current results to a baseline measure. The first Confidence Index survey was completed in December of 2005; the results from that survey serve as the “base” year (meaning the Confidence Index was at 100 for that year).

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