Critical illness and accident/personal injury coverage continue to be top growth products for carriers, according to Eastbridge Voluntary Product Trends Frontline™ Report


Voluntary critical illness insurance and accident/personal injury accident insurance both tied for first in terms of growth products for the carriers’ own companies over the next 2-3 years. Hospital indemnity/supplemental medical, universal/whole life (UL/WL), and term life coverages rounded out the top five. Hospital indemnity/supplemental medical products are new to this list in 2016, while UL/WL jumped ahead of term life in this year’s survey. Short-term disability fell out of the top five for the first time in four years. In terms of growth products for the voluntary/worksite industry overall, critical illness again took the top spot, with hospital indemnity/supplemental medical taking over second place, moving accident to third.

Term life insurance is the most frequently offered voluntary product among the carriers responding to the survey. This was followed by critical illness and short-term disability and term (which tied for third). Very few of the participating carriers rated any voluntary product as “very profitable;” however, AD&D, accident/personal injury and term life were listed most frequently. The majority of carriers rated their products as having “average profitability,” which is similar to the 2012 and 2014 surveys. Cancer and long-term care coverage were the only products rated as “not profitable or financially attractive” by any of the respondents.

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