An overwhelming majority of voluntary carriers offer some level of web-enrollment capabilities, according to respondents in Eastbridge Consulting Group’s recently released report


Most carriers today are offering expanded web capabilities and using the web to enroll employees more often. In fact, 90 percent of the carriers surveyed in Eastbridge’s Enrollment Practices for Voluntary Carriers report offer some level of web-enrollment capabilities, up from 81 percent in 2012 and 59 percent in 2009. Two-thirds of the carriers surveyed have developed their own web-enrollment platform and the remainder work with outside vendors to provide this option.

Over 90 percent of the carriers surveyed in Eastbridge’s Enrollment Practices for Voluntary Carriers report offering three or more enrollment methods for their voluntary products, up from around 80 percent in a similar survey conducted in 2012. Group meetings, the Internet/intranet, individual meetings and inbound call center are the most frequently offered and accepted methods. All but a few of the participating carriers are able to offer multiple enrollment methods in one account, if needed, and most often by partnering with outside vendors or enrollment partners.

The use of call center enrollments has also increased, but only slightly. This method is most often combined with other enrollment methods, particularly group meetings. About two-thirds of the respondents offer a call center enrollment option, which may be explained by the rise in group platform carriers entering the voluntary market. The call center enrollment capability is typically outsourced and involves inbound calling primarily..

The purpose of this report, Enrollment Practices for Voluntary Carriers, is to look at the carriers’ current enrollment practices and methodologies, including enrollment logistics and methods; laptop enrollment capabilities; web-enrollment capabilities; call center enrollment capabilities; frequency of usage and participation rates; enroller sources, compensation, recruiting and training; pre- and post-enrollment procedures and materials; and current enrollment issues and trends.

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