Eastbridge study participants note changes in the use of enrollers in response to a dynamic voluntary benefits environment.

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (September 13, 2016)

As the voluntary benefits environment continues to grow and change, so has the enrollment process and the use of enrollers. Enrollers surveyed in Eastbridge’s Voluntary Enroller Relationships: What Carriers Need to Know study mentioned working fewer days today than in the past, primarily due to an increased use of self-enrollments (web-based and call center) and other technology improvements that make it easier and more convenient for employees to apply for voluntary coverages. They also mentioned a greater use of internal enrollers by carriers, especially for non-fourth quarter enrollments, more brokers handling their own enrollments, and more individuals joining the contract enroller pool, which heightens the competition for enrollment jobs. Changes in the enrollment firm marketplace (i.e., new firms entering as well as mergers and consolidations) have also increased the number of individuals available to enroll a case. Enrollers who work for companies with bonus structures are particularly impacted given that any bonus paid is often based on the number of days worked.

Despite this, the enrollers claim they are paid more today than in the past, perhaps a sign that carriers, brokers and enrollment firms continue to value their role in educating employees on voluntary products and with enrolling employees and their families in coverage. Close to half of the enrollers reported earning more than $250 per day, which is an increase of 7% over the average amount paid in 2014. This has been steadily increasing since 2010 when only 20% cited this level of pay. Half of the enrollers also indicated receiving some level of pay when enrollments are cancelled, although the amount paid and the notice requirement varies significantly by carrier and enrollment firm.

Voluntary Enroller Relationships: What Carriers Need to Know

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