Voluntary dental sales are a growing part of the dental market and overall voluntary market, according to a recent Eastbridge study.

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (April 11, 2017)

In 2015 voluntary dental increased its overall share of the voluntary market to 13 percent,  according to Eastbridge’s U.S. Voluntary/Worksite Sales Report, and appears to be continuing this momentum into 2016. The survey participants in the most recent dental study indicated that voluntary dental compromises about one-third of their current overall dental sales. In addition, the majority of the recent carrier participants reported an increase in voluntary dental sales, ranging from minimal to 38 percent.

Eastbridge’s 2017 Voluntary Dental Products Spotlight™ Report provides data on today’s voluntary dental market. The report also takes a detailed look at the voluntary dental products of 15 carriers, including sales results and competition, product specifics, underwriting guidelines, enrollment practices, costs/commissions and future trends.

Following are a few additional findings from the report:

  • Delta Dental, MetLife and Guardian were the top competitors named in the voluntary dental market.
  • Most carriers use a broad benefits offering and strong dental network to differentiate their voluntary dental plans. Flexibility of plan design and ease of enrollment were also mentioned as differentiators.
  • While product variety continues to increase in terms of the dental benefit choices offered, the choice of networks available and the plan customization requested, some carriers remain hesitant about increased choice and customization being feasible long-term because of administration, pricing and risk issues.

Voluntary Dental Products, a Spotlight™ Report

The cost of the report is $3,000. To purchase, call (860) 676-9633 or email us at info@eastbridge.com.

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