Marketplace Review of Enrollment and Benefit Administration Platform Providers

Cost: $2,500; published 2020

Brokers and employers are increasingly determining the enrollment and benefit administration platforms carriers must work with. For carriers to remain competitive, they must understand the features, evolving capabilities, strengths and limitations of platform providers including enrollment capabilities, educational support, administrative functionality and scope of services, as well as the extent of other support functions. Carriers unable to integrate quickly and efficiently with these platforms may risk losing business. This report can serve as a baseline for carriers to reference in developing platform strategies to determine whether they should invest in strategic partnerships with specific platforms, determine builds on a case-by-case basis, or use their own technology.

This Spotlight™ Report, Marketplace Review of Enrollment and Benefit Administration Platform Providers, compares the services of 15 technology platform platforms to better understand their capabilities and offerings in the voluntary market. This report updates the report from 2018, including 11 of the 16 companies from that report plus four new companies.

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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

2. Comparative Data by Provider

A. General Provider Information

1. Provider Scope of Functionality

2. Age of System and Last Update

3. Distribution System

4. Target Market

5. Key Competitors

6. Provider Statistics: Current Users, Active Accounts with Voluntary, Retention Rate

7. Source and Basis of Payment for Services Provided

8. Customer and Technical Support

9. Onboarding Timeframe, Process and Training

10. Products Supported and Limitations

11. Pricing Support

12. Data Exchange Format Flexibility

13. Most Important System Functionality

B. Enrollment Platform Capabilities

1. Platform Technology

2. Scope of Enrollment Functionality

3. Types of Enrollment Supported

4. Auto and Active Enrollment Functionality

5. Plan Setup and Configuration Process

6. Educational Support

7. User Experience

8. Underwriting

9. Reporting

C. Benefit Administration Capabilities

1. Employer Services

2. Possible Broker Services

D. Differentiators, Challenges and Future Trends

1. Differentiating Services/Features

2. Marketplace Challenges and Trends

3. Future Product Updates


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