Broker and Client Services for Voluntary Carriers

Cost: $2000; published 2018

Vying for the attention of brokers and their clients is not easy with so many carriers now in the voluntary/worksite marketplace. Good products and customer service as well as competitive compensation are vital to help gain brokers’ attention but providing additional services for brokers and their clients to make the process easier can help cut through the “noise” quickly and help carriers stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Broker and Client Services for Voluntary Carriers report reviews the various broker services offered by 23 voluntary carriers. This includes services offered directly to brokers as well as those offered to brokers’ employer clients. With this information, carriers can assess the broker services they are currently offering and compare them to those of other carriers in the voluntary/worksite market.

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Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

Broker Services by Carrier

A. Enrollment Services

1. Customized Enrollment Materials

2. Employee Enrollment Communications

3. Personalized, Prepopulated Enrollment Forms

4. Carrier Provided Enrollers

5. Prescreened Enrollers or Enrollment Companies

6. Enrollment System (Online or Laptop)

7. Access to Private Exchange

8. Product Set-Up on Outside Enrollment Platform

9. Test Data Feeds for Electronic Enrollment

10. Other Broker Enrollment Services

B. Sales, Training and Other Services

1. Local Assistance to Close Case

2. Voluntary Business Leads

3. Online Product Training

4. Voluntary Sales Training

5. Internet Seminars/Forums

6. Continuing Education Courses

7. Online Commission Statements and Forms

8. Other Broker Services

C. Client Services

1. Online Benefits Administration or HRIS System

2. Core Benefits Enrollment & Communication

3. Benefit Statements

4. Section 125 Plan Documents

5. Consolidated Billing

6. Payroll Administration Services

7. HSA or HRA Administration

8. Dependent Eligibility Audits/Verification

9. Full Benefits Administration

10. Flexible Spending Account Administration

11. COBRA Administration

12. FSA Debit Cards

13. Dependent Care FSAs

14. Employee Surveys

15. Absentee/Time-Off Hours Tracking for ACA Compliance

16. Other Client Services for Brokers

D. Participant Demographics

1. 2017 Voluntary Sales Premium

2. Voluntary Product Mix


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