Voluntary Enroller and Carrier Relationships

Cost: $2,000; published 2019

The Enroller Resource Center and Eastbridge Consulting Group have teamed together for the fifth time to research enroller opinions on the voluntary business. The study was designed to help insurance carriers and other companies in the voluntary business better understand the needs of independent enrollers. [Note: Enrollers who are dedicated to a single carrier or who are carrier employees were not the target audience for this study.]

The latest report, Voluntary Enroller and Carrier Relationships, presents the most recent findings and, where appropriate, compares these to the previous studies’ results. The report covers topics such as:

  • Time spent enrolling
  • Types of compensation, including bonuses and cancellation pay
  • Enroller travel
  • Type and sources of contracts
  • Carrier relationships
  • Enrollment specifics (i.e., number of products enrolled, methods, training, and systems)
  • Enroller satisfaction
  • Trends and future plans

Over 550 enrollers participated in the survey. In addition, 21 enrollers participated in a two-day bulletin board focus group. Carriers can use the study findings to fine-tune their policies and practices and improve the quality of their relationship with enrollers.

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1. Executive Summary

A. Key Findings

B. Recommendations

C. Study Background and Objectives


2. Detailed Findings

A. Time Spent Enrolling

1. Number of Days Worked per Year

2. Days Worked by Quarter

3. Feelings about Number of Days Worked

B. Compensation

1. Per Diem

2. Preferences

3. Bonuses

4. Cancellation Pay

5. Travel/Training Day Compensation

C. Enroller Travel

1. Travel Frequency

2. Travel Expenses

D. Contracting

1. Source of Contracts

2. Types of Contracts

3. Finding Enrollment Jobs

4. Enroller Contact with Employers and Brokers

E. Carriers

1. Number of Different Carriers

2. Most Frequent Carrier Enrolled

3. Biggest Problem with Carriers and Enrollment Firms

4. Needed from Carrier to be Successful

5. What Carriers Should Know

F. Enrollment Specifics

1. Number of Products Enrolled

2. Type of Enrollment – Voluntary and Core

3. Method of Enrollment

4. Role for Online or Call Center Enrollments

5. Enrollment Requirements

6. Multiple Carriers in an Enrollment

7. Training for a Given Enrollment

8. Enrollment Systems

G. Satisfaction with Being an Enroller

H. Demographics

1. Length of Time as Enroller

2. Typical Case Size

I. Trends and Changes

J. Future Plans


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