Voluntary/Worksite Marketing Industry Snapshot and Competitor Profiles

Cost: $2,000; published 2019

Whether you are new to the voluntary market, an existing player or considering entering the market, it’s important to know the most recent trends and current results by line of business, distribution channel, etc. It’s also critical to know the top players in the market, including which products they sell through what channels, how they administer the business, and their service and technological capabilities.

Eastbridge Consulting Group’s recently released report, Voluntary/Worksite Marketing Industry Snapshot and Competitor Profiles, examines the current trends in the worksite marketplace and provides a competitive analysis on 12 of the top players in the market. Each profile includes (where information is available):

  • Business Profile—Corporate structure, years in voluntary/worksite business, financial results/ratings, number of employees in worksite
  • Marketing—Importance of worksite business, percent of overall business, average case size, target markets
  • Distribution—Channels, commissions, enrollment/re-enrollment method
  • Products—Platform, products offered, percentage of business
  • Operations—Administration, service, technology

 [Note: All information presented in the report has been updated for 2019 based on internal and external data and sources; the sales and results datoc2ta are for year-end 2018.]


View Table of Contents

1. About This Report

2. Definition of Voluntary

3. Methodology

4. Industry Snapshot

A. Annual Sales

B. Inforce Premium

C. Leading Players

D. Product Trends

E. Sales Results by Platform

F. Sales Results by Line of Business

G. Distribution Channels

5. Top Player Profiles

A. About These Profiles

B. Aflac U.S.

C. Allstate Benefits

D. Cign

E. Colonial Life

F. Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

G. The Hartford

H. Lincoln Financial Group

I. MetLife

J. Prudential

K. Sun Life

L. Transamerica Employee Benefits

M. Unum



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