Eastbridge also works with companies to formulate or improve upon processes and capabilities in many business areas.

Some common examples include:

Conservation and Retention Programs—Eastbridge works with companies that need to install, administer, and monitor conservation plans. The overall goal is to identify key customer and account touch points and intervene through proactive, reactive, and “win-back” measures in a way that improves the retention rates of both accounts and policyholders. Individual policyholder conservation involves developing means to re-market to individuals when they leave the account. This may involve multiple touch points and focuses on reminding individuals why they first purchased the coverage.

Marketing—Eastbridge helps clients improve the effectiveness of their marketing materials and programs. We can help you define effective value propositions and provide competitive insights.

M&A/Targeting/Due Diligence—Eastbridge works with companies to identify acquisition targets as well as joint venture partners. Our role can be to simply identify prospective candidates, or to assist in due diligence and conduct assessments.

Operations—Eastbridge’s consulting services can also help improve the back-office through operations reviews, underwriting practice reviews and account management process reviews as well as assessments of current service structures and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or (860) 676-9633.



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