Eastbridge’s latest report examines current long-term disability products in the voluntary/worksite market.

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (March 26, 2019)

The opportunity for voluntary long-term disability (VLTD) sales continues to grow each year as more and more employers move away from full or even partial funding of disability benefits for their employees.  According to Eastbridge’s latest employer research, MarketVision: The Employer Viewpoint™ published in 2018, only 44 percent of U.S. employers are offering long-term disability on any basis (employer-paid, employer/employee share or 100% employee-paid voluntary) as an employee benefit.  While the percentage of both the employer-paid and employer/employee share VLTD offerings has steadily decreased, the key area of growth in the market is in the number of employers offering 100% employee-paid VLTD to their employees. 

The purpose of this report is to review the current state of the voluntary long-term disability market and provide detailed information about eighteen different VLTD products currently being offered. The specific topics covered in the report include:

  • Market overview for VLTD products
  • Product features including detailed benefits, amounts and options
  • Underwriting/eligibility guidelines
  • Sample rates
  • Commissions
  • Product results (sales, participation, average premium, etc.)
  • Challenges, trends and future expectations

With this information, carriers can better understand the VLTD market as a whole, as well as compare how their product “stacks up” relative to the competition.

Voluntary Long-Term Disability Plans, a Spotlight™ Report

The cost of the report is $3,000. To purchase, call (860) 676-9633 or email us at [email protected]

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