Latest Eastbridge report reviews the current administrative practices of voluntary carriers

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (December 17, 2019)

Excellence in the administration of voluntary products is essential for any carrier to be competitive and have longevity in the voluntary/worksite marketplace. Even though quality and reliability in all areas are needed, brokers and employers must have confidence in carriers’ ability to administer and service the products sold to employees for carriers to create and grow their market share.

The purpose of the Administrative Practices of Voluntary Carriers Spotlight™ Report is to provide detailed information on key carrier administration practices including:

  • Administration structure and capabilities
  • Policy issue
  • Service capabilities for administrators, employers and employees
  • Voluntary administration obstacles and future trends

With this information, carriers can compare their own voluntary administration practices with the competition and determine changes needed to remain up to date on key service and administration trends.

Administrative Practices of Voluntary Carriers, a Spotlight™ Report

The cost of the report is $2,500. To purchase, call (860) 676-9633 or email us at [email protected]

Report Summary

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