Consulting — Building a Better Business

Eastbridge has the ability to spot trends and turning points that can affect businesses now and in the future.

Our consulting services address a wide range of issues from identifying new voluntary markets and planning new businesses to restructuring the field force and developing growth strategies.


“Your consulting work made all the difference in our being able to structure a winning VB product. This is good news for all of us but more importantly our members who now have access to leading services and care in their time of need. We are seeing the impact we are having on cancer care daily. It’s a good feeling. You should take much of the credit.”

“We are having a fantastic year. Sales are up 37 percent. We can't give you all the credit, but our team agrees that you contributed substantially to our results."

“We have experienced real success as a company over these past 25 years, and I am constantly saying to myself: ‘I am so grateful that Eastbridge intersected my life.' The process that you created completely opened up why I exist as an entrepreneur and what drove me as a GA. Since then, it has provided the footings for every decision I’ve said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to. You have made a real difference in my life and the life of literally 1,000’s that our company has impacted. There is more than just 2 words behind my sincere THANK YOU.”