Readiness Scorecard™ Services Overview


Eastbridge’s Readiness Scorecard™ is designed to give clients an impartial look at how they stack up against the best practices in the industry.

The process involves:

  • Assessing each function in a carrier’s voluntary operation (105 different functions), including field staff and producers
  • Comparing the data gathered to Eastbridge’s database of industry standards and voluntary competitors to arrive at an unbiased and knowledgeable view of strengths and gaps
  • Reporting on functions that are ready for the market, those that are below market standards but may not be crucial, and those that fall short and need to be addressed in order to be market ready
  • Presenting recommendations for improvement and ordering these by priority

Clients who are interested in or planning to enter the voluntary market as well as those who want to improve their current voluntary efforts look to Eastbridge’s Readiness Scorecard™ for a concrete and objective evaluation of where their business is and where it needs to be.

"I wanted to thank the Eastbridge team for the insight, thoroughness and overall support to make this project productive and enjoyable. I also appreciate the candor and transparency, which is critical to test thinking and manage unknowns. I look forward to sharing the insights with the team. One of the few certainties in this market is that I’m sure we’ll be working with your world-renowned team in the future!

"Much of our progress can be traced directly to your processes and insights. If there had been no Eastbridge, we wouldn't enjoy the capabilities we have today."

"Eastbridge helped us strive for new heights of excellence in customer service, sales productivity, and profitability."