Eastbridge’s strategy development is a collaborative process that helps clients build their voluntary business strategy.

The process does not involve business planning, but rather generates detailed answers to two key questions:

  • Where will we compete?
  • How will we win?

In answering these questions, we address seven critical areas: strategic approach, distribution strategy, types of brokers/distributors to target, marketing and sales support needed, product requirements, enrollment strategy, and administration.

The process involves:

  • A series of meetings with the client’s key personnel to get answers to the seven critical areas
  • Discussions on current best practices in each area based on Eastbridge’s research and extensive experience
  • Facilitated discussion until decisions are made in all seven areas
  • A review of decisions made in prior meetings and implications as well as documentation of choices or options rejected and the reasons
  • Completion of a strategy development document at the end of the process that serves as a blueprint for moving forward

“We are still reaping the benefits from the consulting project we conducted with you. We have some jumbo deals that look to be coming across the finish line, and I know they wouldn’t be happening without us following much of the guidance you provided us.”

"Eastbridge helped us realize that the success we were seeing was nothing compared to the opportunity, and then they showed us how to get there. From which distributor types to work with, to how to organize our team all the way through to administrative readiness and messaging to the market… they were indispensable to our efforts. As a result, we have achieved over 1147% YOY growth in our first quarter of sales since re-launching our efforts. They are and will continue to be an extension of our team.”

"Eastbridge is the gold standard. In a business too often filled with cookie-cutter approaches, their ability and willingness to customize their approach to my needs is what sets them apart. Their knowledge of the business is unparalleled."