Administrative Practices of Voluntary Carriers Spotlight™ Report

Cost: $3,000; published 2022

Customers expect simplicity and ease when it comes to benefits administration — regardless of whether it is for voluntary or for employer-paid products. Even though there are significant differences when administrating voluntary products, employers and plan administrators do not want to experience a completely different administrative process for voluntary, and both brokers and employers must have confidence in the carrier’s ability to administer and support these products. Failure to create a seamless, easy and accurate administration process will impact the ability of the carrier to grow their share of the voluntary market.

The Administrative Practices of Voluntary Carriers Spotlight™ Report provides detailed information on key carrier administrative practices including:

  • Administration structure and capabilities
  • Policy issue
  • Service standards and capabilities
  • Voluntary administration current and future trends

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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

D. Recommendations

2. Detailed Carrier Findings

A. Carrier Information

1. Organization of Administrative Functions

2. Separate Voluntary Administration/Operations Area

3. Current Administrative Platform/System

4. Single or Multiple Administrative Systems

5. Plans to Change Current Administration System

6. Outsourced Voluntary Product Administrative or Billing Functions

7. Individual Records

8. Percentage of Voluntary Nonmedical Group Business

B. Policy Issue

1. Policy Forms (Group Only)

2. Customized Employee Materials (Group Only)

3. Time Standards for Policy Issue

4. Coverage Increases and Decreases (Individual Only)

5. Policy/Certificate Delivery

6. Fees for Hard Copies of Policy/Certificate

7. Decision Maker for Policy Delivery Method

8. Percentage of Time Hard Copies are Requested

C. Client and Policyowner Service

1. Call Center Service Capabilities

2. Call Center Services Offered

3. Call Center Time Standards

4. Call Center Hours of Operations

5. Outsourced Call Center

6. Percentage of Calls by Customer

7. Call Center Transactions

8. Call Center Supporting Multiple Voluntary Products

9. Bilingual Policyowner Services

10. Telephone Requests for Policy Loans/Surrenders

11. Requests to Terminate Voluntary Coverage

12. Termination Process by Voluntary Product Line

13. Service Model for Benefit Administrators

14. Assignment of Account Management Resources

15. Performance Guarantees

16. Types of Reports for Plan Administrators

17. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

D. Future Trends

1. Current Administration and Service Trends

2. Future Administration and Service Trends


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