Eastbridge publishes four types of reports:

Spotlight™ Reports

These reports provide carriers and other insurance professionals with up-to-date, market-sensitive information — on a targeted and cost-effective basis — that can be used to build, refine, or even confirm their business strategies. Approximately 12–15 Spotlight™ Reports are published each year, and we currently have more than 40 studies available covering virtually every voluntary/worksite topic.

Complete Index of Spotlight™ Reports


Eastbridge’s latest Spotlight™ Reports include:

  • Voluntary Short-Term Disability Products

    This report profiles the voluntary short-term disability (VSTD) products for 23 carriers active in the voluntary/worksite market. This information is designed to help carriers better understand the short-term disability voluntary/worksite marketplace and to evaluate the competitiveness of their own VSTD product offering.

  • Takeovers and the Voluntary Market

    This report provides comparative data on takeover business and trends experienced by 30 carriers actie in the voluntary market. Topics covered include takeover business approaches and preferences, detailed takeover practices, takeover percentages by product and case size as well as future trends and strategies regarding takeovers.

  • Voluntary Benefits in the Large Case Market

    This report analyzes the opportunities and current results for selling voluntary benefits in the large employer market (1,000 or more employees).

  • Forecasting Voluntary Sales

    Carriers, brokers and other industry professionals rely on voluntary market forecasts to inform their business plans and to determine where they should focus their investment and resources.

  • Employer Size and Industry Demographics for the Voluntary/Worksite Market - MarketVision™ — The Employer Viewpoint ©

    This segmentation report delves deeper into the 2022 MarketVision™ report findings to identify how benefit offerings, needs and attitudes vary by employer size and industry.

  • Voluntary Carrier Commission and Compensation Practices Spotlight™ Report

    This report provides the latest information on the commissions and compensation practices of 28 voluntary carriers, including commission schedules, vesting requirements, advance practices, bonuses, payment procedures and reporting.

  • Voluntary/Worksite Marketing Industry Snapshot and Competitor Profiles Spotlight™ Report

    This report examines the voluntary/worksite marketplace; specifically, annual sales, inforce premium, leading players, products trends, and distribution channels. In addition, the report provides a competitive analysis on the top 10 voluntary/worksite marketing players.

  • Voluntary Long-Term Disability Plans Spotlight™ Report

    This report provides data on 19 current VLTD plans and is designed to help carriers better understand the long-term disability voluntary/worksite marketplace and to evaluate the competitiveness of their own voluntary long-term disability product offering.

  • The Voluntary/Worksite Market – An Executive Perspective

    Eastbridge has been surveying worksite executives every other year since 2003 to explore their views on the voluntary/worksite market. The objective is to track executives’ thoughts and insights on the obstacles facing the industry today as well as what they expect for the future and explore executives’ opinions on other topics based on market trends. This year’s report summarizes the responses from the most recent survey from 52 executives representing at least 28 companies and, where appropriate, notes trends or changes from the last study’s findings.

  • Voluntary Benefits: Brokers Back in Business Spotlight™ Report

    Eastbridge and BenefitsPRO conducted their first joint survey in 2013 and have updated it annually since then, including the addition of relevant new topics reflecting current trends in the voluntary market.

  • Voluntary Rep Compensation

    This report examines the compensation practices for voluntary reps for 22 of the top voluntary/worksite marketing carriers.

  • Voluntary and the Mid-Size Case Market

    This report pulls together research from multiple surveys and puts all the medium case (100 to 999 employees) market information together in one place.  This report provides an overall market review followed by perspectives of the key stakeholders – the employer, employee, and broker.

  • Complete Index of Spotlight™ Reports

    To purchase Spotlight™ Reports: Call (860) 676-9633 or email [email protected]

    Information Partner Exclusive Reports

    Eastbridge Frontline™ and MarketVision™ reports are available exclusively to members of Eastbridge's Information Partner™ program as well as survey participants (for Frontline™ reports) and sponsors (for MarketVision™ reports). These reports are not available for purchase.

    Information Partner™ Exclusive Reports


    MarketVision™ Reports

    To support increased understanding of both the voluntary market and key customer groups — employers and employees, Eastbridge publishes detailed MarketVision™ reports every few years for each customer group. The following reports are currently available:

    MarketVision™—The Employer Viewpoint©

    MarketVision™—The Employee Viewpoint©

    Frontline™ Reports

    Eastbridge Frontline™ Reports provide timely data on new or breaking topics. Because the facts are often still emerging or are in transition, Frontline™ Reports are brief summaries of the facts as they were when the data was collected. Eastbridge completes approximately four Frontline™ Reports per year.

    Current Eastbridge Frontline™ Reports:

    Application Programming Interface & Artificial Intelligence Carrier Practice

    Situs State Regulation Practices of Voluntary Carriers

    Emerging Voluntary Benefits and Services

    Benefit Access and Preferences for Gig Workers

    Broker Tracking Capabilities of Voluntary Carriers

    Updated Employer Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Voluntary

    Voluntary Product Trends

    Marketing and Sales Practices of Voluntary Carriers

    Employee Perspectives: 2020 Voluntary Enrollment and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Voluntary Wellness Benefits


    Information Partner™ Exclusive Reports

    For information on our Information Partner program, or to participate in future Frontline™ Reports, or to sponsor future MarketVision™ Reports, contact us at (860) 676-9633 / [email protected]

    Sales Reports

    Eastbridge Sales Reports have become the “gold standard” for the voluntary industry. We have more companies participating in these reports and track more data than any other Sales Report for the industry. All carriers involved in the voluntary/worksite business are eligible to participate in the sales reports, and only participants receive a report of the survey findings. Surveys are distributed at the end of January each year.

    Eastbridge’s latest Sales Reports include:

    U.S. Voluntary/Worksite Sales Report — This report has been published annually since 1999 and includes data from over 60 carriers on voluntary sales overall, by product line, by filing platform, and by distribution/broker segment. We also monitor takeover rates and sales by case size.

    U.S. State EPI and ESI Data — This report is an extension of the annual Sales Report. It includes state-by-state sales and inforce data and provides two measures that relate these data to the number of employed Americans in each state.

    To participate in our next Sales Survey, please call (860) 676-9633 or email [email protected]

    For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or (860) 676-9633.



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