Eastbridge’s Readiness Scorecard™ is designed to give clients an impartial look at how they compare to the best practices in the industry.

The process involves:

  • An assessment of each function in a carrier’s voluntary operation (over 100 different functions), including field staff and producers
  • A comparison of the data gathered during the assessment to Eastbridge’s database of industry standard and voluntary competitors
  • A report that identifies the market parity of each  functions that are ready for the market, those that are below market standards but may not be crucial, and those that fall short and need to be addressed in order to be market ready
  • A presentation of recommendations focused on improving priority functions to market parity

The Readiness Scorecard™ provides a concrete and objective evaluation for all levels of voluntary carriers, from established to new entrants, that are looking for ways to improve and increase their voluntary business.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or (860) 676-9633.



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