Eastbridge’s strategy development is a collaborative process that helps clients build and improve their voluntary business strategy.

The process does not involve business planning, but rather generates detailed answers to two key questions:

  • Where will we compete?
  • How will we win?

In answering these questions, we address seven critical areas: strategic approach, distribution strategy, types of brokers/distributors to target, marketing and sales support needed, product requirements, enrollment strategy, and administration.

The process involves:

  • A series of meetings with the client’s key personnel to get answers to the seven critical areas
  • Discussions on current best practices in each area based on Eastbridge’s research and extensive experience
  • Facilitated discussion until decisions are made in all seven areas
  • A review of decisions made in prior meetings and implications as well as documentation of choices or options rejected and the reasons
  • Completion of a strategy development document at the end of the process that serves as a blueprint for moving forward


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