Third-Party Administrators and Outsource Providers in the Voluntary Market Spotlight™ Report

Cost: $3,000; published 2021

Employers and brokers demand excellence in carrier voluntary administration — in fact, it has risen to the top of the list of factors employers and brokers evaluate to select a voluntary carrier. Technology and provider offerings are rapidly changing, and although most voluntary/worksite carriers handle voluntary administration and service processes in-house, many have explored or are exploring outsourcing particular functions or services to meet client needs. Many third-party administrators service a variety of business lines, so understanding the voluntary-specific capabilities these providers can support becomes critical to success.

The objective of this Spotlight™ Report, Third-Party Administrators and Outsource Providers in the Voluntary Market, is twofold. First, it provides carriers with detailed information on select TPAs and third-party outsource providers with voluntary market experience. This report compares the services of six TPA/outsource providers to better understand their capabilities and offerings in the voluntary market and updates the 2017 report, including three of the five companies from that report plus three new companies. Second, it provides a new perspective on carrier outsourcing practices, exploring how commonly carriers outsource administration, which functions in particular they outsource, and how they handle situations where employers are using a TPA.

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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Key Findings

C. Eastbridge Observations/Recommendations

2. Comparative Data by Carrier

A. Carrier TPA/Outsourcing Practices

1. Outsourcing of Administrative Functions

2. Client TPA Practices

3. Comparative Data by TPA

A. Methodology

B. General Provider Information

1. Overview of Services

2. Provider Statistics and Business Lines Supported

3. Price Sensitivity of Voluntary Administration

C. Services

1. Services Offered – Summary

2. Services Offered – Detailed

3. Individual Recordkeeping

4. Billing

5. Underwriting

6.Technology for Data Exchange

7. Employer and Employee Service

8. Employer and Employee Self-Service

9. Enrollment Capabilities

10.Claims Administration

11.Marketing or Sales Support

12.Reporting Capabilities

13.Other Services

14.New Services

15.Most Wanted and Most Important Services

16.Service Packaging


18.Differentators and Keys to Success

D. The Future

1. Most Significant Company Change

2. Anticipated Changes to Competitors

3. Threat



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