MarketVision™—The Employee Viewpoint©

Cost: $3,500; published 2019

As the voluntary/worksite market continues to evolve and grow, listening to your customers’ needs is more important than ever. When developing products, marketing plans and enrollment strategies, carriers that want to succeed in the voluntary market must consider the needs, wants and expectations of all customer or key stakeholder groups, including brokers, employers and employees. 

To support increased understanding of both the voluntary market and customers, Eastbridge publishes MarketVision™ reports every few years that provide detailed data for each customer group. This report, MarketVision™—The Employee Viewpoint©, updates previous studies, where appropriate, and provides important information on employee attitudes and opinions about voluntary products. 

The report addresses important questions such as:

  • What types of benefits (voluntary and employer-paid) do employees own?
  • What payment methods do employees prefer to pay for future benefits purchases?
  • How important are various insurance products to employees?
  • How interested are employees in purchasing products they don’t currently own on a voluntary basis?
  • What are the reasons employees purchase voluntary products?
  • How are employees introduced to and educated about voluntary benefits?
  • How do employees prefer to learn about voluntary benefits?
  • What are employees’ preferred enrollment methods?

The study also compares the current results to those in past employee MarketVision™ studies.


View Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

2. Overall Findings

A. Ownership of Products through the Employer

B. Funding for Insurance Products

C. Interest in Buying

3. Findings on Voluntary Product Owners

A. Voluntary Product Ownership

B. Types of Voluntary Products Owned

C. Product Most Willing to Pay for on a Voluntary Basis

D. Preferred Payment Method

E. Importance of Different Insurance Products

F. Interest in Buying

3. Findings on Voluntary Product Owners

A. Voluntary Product Ownership

B. Types of Voluntary Products Owned

C. Number of Voluntary Products Owned

D. Reasons for Buying

E. Enrollment

1. How Benefits Were Communicated

2. Application/Enrollment Process

3. Enrolling Voluntary with Core

4. Satisfaction with Enrollment Experience

5. Overall Satisfaction with Enrollment Process

4. Findings on Those Not Owning Voluntary Products

A. Non-Owners of Voluntary

B. Reasons for Not Buying Voluntary

C. Lapse Reasons

5. Demographics

A. Respondent Demographics



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