Voluntary Personal Injury Accident Products Spotlight™ Report

Cost: $3,500; published 2021

Voluntary personal injury accident products continue to be a key benefit offering for carriers as well as brokers, employers and employees. With 2020 sales of $906 million (based on the 2020 Eastbridge U.S. Voluntary/Worksite Sales Report), accident products and the benefits they offer are clearly vital for everyone involved in the market.

The purpose of the 2021 Voluntary Personal Injury Accident Products Spotlight™ Report is to help carriers better understand the voluntary accident insurance market and specifics of the plans carriers offer. Topics covered include:

  • Market overview for accident products
  • Product features including detailed benefits, amounts and options
  • Underwriting/eligibility guidelines
  • Sample rates
  • Commissions
  • Product results such as sales, participation and average premium
  • Concerns, obstacles and future trends


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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Key Findings

C. Methodology

2. Market Overview

1. The Overall Market

2. Employer Perspective

3. Employee Perspective

4. Broker Perspective

5. Key Competitors

3. Product Details by Carrier

A. Product Structure and Specifics

1. Definition of Voluntary for Accident Products

2. Employer Contributions

3. Year Product Introduced and Last Revisions

4. Expense or Indemnity Payments

5. Product Platform

6. Benefit Type

7. Emergency Benefits – Ambulance

8. Emergency Benefits – ER, Doctor or Urgent Care

9. Emergency Benefits -X-rays and Other Diagnostic

10. Emergency Benefits – Emergency Dental

11. Specified Injury Benefits – Fractures and Dislocations

12. Specified Injury Benefits – Paralysis, Coma and Concussion

13. Brain Injuries, PTSD, Occupational HIV

14. Surgery Benefits

15. Hospital Benefits

16. Telemedicine and Blood, Plasma and Platelets

17. Therapy, Rehabilitation and Medical Appliance Benefits

18. Follow-up Treatment, Chiropractic or Acupuncture, Residence/Vehicle Modification

19. Pain Management, Prescription Medications, Medical Supplies

20. Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Catastrophic Loss

21. Transportation and Lodging

22. Child/Family Care

23. Wellness

24. Youth Organized Sports Benefit

25. Gunshot Wound

26. Other Benefits

27. Disability Benefits

28. Other Optional/Rider Benefits

29. Per Accident, Annual or Lifetime Maximums

30. Elimination or Waiting Periods

31. Pre-Existing Exclusion

32. No-Cost Policy Features, Services or Benefits

33. Time Limit Practices

34. Plan Flexibility

35. Spouse and Dependent Coverage

36. Group Product Portability

37. Benefit Reductions

38. Renewability

39. Plan Termination Age

B. Underwriting

1. Target Account Size

2. Account Eligibility Guidelines

3. Ineligible Accounts/Industries

4. Employee Eligibility Guidelines

5. Additional Employee-Level Underwriting

6. Renewal Process

C. Rates

1. Published or Census Rates

2. Pricing Structure

3. Premium Guarantees for Group Products

4. Premium Rate Comparisons

D. Compensation and Claims

1. Commissions

2. Typical Accident Claims Filing Methods

3. Claim Problems

4. Claim Processing Time

5. Claim Denial Rates and Reasons

4. Results, Challenges and Future Trends

A. Product Differentiators and Results

1. Product Differentiators

2. 2020 Accident Sales

3. Average Participation Percentage

4. Typical Policyholder and Account Demographics

5. Average Annual Premium per Employee

6. Persistency/Retention

7. Takeovers vs. Virgin Case

8. Loss Ratios

B. Challenges and Future Trends

1. Product Challenges

2. Product Changes in Next One to Three Years

3. Product Trends



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