Administrative Practices of Voluntary Carriers

Cost: $2,500; published 2016

Administrative excellence of voluntary products is imperative for any carrier’s credibility and longevity in the marketplace. Great products and enrollment capabilities are also important for helping to make the sale on the front end. In order to keep the business, however, the broker and employer must have confidence in the carrier’s administration, service and billing capabilities. Quality and reliability in all these areas are essential to creating and growing market share.

The purpose of the Administrative Practices of Voluntary Carriers SpotlightTM Report is to provide information, by carrier, on key administration practices including:

  • Policy issue
  • Claims
  • Service capabilities for administrators, employers, employees and brokers
  • Future trends

With this information, carriers have a better source for comparing their own administration practices with the competition and planning for the future based on the trends and expectations expressed by the carriers surveyed.

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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

D. Recommendations

2. Detailed Carrier Findings

A. Carrier Information

1. Organization of Administrative Functions

2. Separate Voluntary Administration/Operations Area

3. Current Administrative Platform/System

4. Single or Multiple Administrative Systems

5. Individual Records

B. Policy Issue

1. Policy Forms (Group Only)

2. Time Standards for Policy Issue (Group Only)

3. Time Standards for Policy Issue (Individual Only)

4. Coverage Increases and Decreases (Individual Only)

5. Policy Delivery

C. Client and Policyowner Service

1. Call Center Services Capabilities

2. Call Center Transactions

3. Call Center Time Standards and Hours of Operation

4. Other Call Center Services Offered

5. Percentage of Calls by Customer

6. Telephone Requests for Policy Loans/Surrenders

7. Service Model for Benefit Administrators

8. Email Services for Employees

9. Online Services and Usage for Plan Administrators

10. Online Services for Employees

11. Mobile/Web Self-Service Employee Application

12. Bilingual Policyowner Services

13. Service for Multiple Product Ownership

D. Claims

1. Claims Filing Options

2. Claims Time Standards

3. Claims Pre-Payment

4. Claims Process during Contestable Period

5. Conservation Process

E. Broker Services

1. Broker Online Services

F. Future Trends

1. Use of Existing Benefit Administration Systems for Voluntary

2. Future Service Trends


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