Medical Companies and Voluntary 2012

Cost: $2,000; published 2012

Medical insurance providers are continuing to penetrate the voluntary market as a means of creating loyalty to their company. In fact, many medical companies now consider voluntary to be a “major” benefits business, with corporate leadership and accountability assigned specifically to that line. Eastbridge first noted this trend in 2007, and recent research on these carriers shows continued growth in voluntary as they realize the importance of becoming a total solutions provider for their employer clients.

This report, Medical Companies and Voluntary 2012, reviews many of the same medical insurance providers profiled in the 2007 report to determine what progress or changes they have made in their approach to the voluntary market, especially given the advent and unknowns of healthcare reform and the economic recession. Some of the topics explored in the recent study include:

  • Relationship between the medical side of the business and the voluntary side
  • Importance of voluntary to the company overall
  • Drivers behind each company’s voluntary strategy
  • Best opportunity for the company when it comes to voluntary
  • Top fears or concerns about voluntary

With this information, established voluntary players can assess what medical companies are doing about voluntary and anticipate the impact these large players may have on the market.


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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

2. Summary of Overall Findings

A. Prevalence of Voluntary

B. Importance of and Strategies for Voluntary

C. Approaches for Offering Voluntary

D. Voluntary Products Offered

E. Markets

F. Distribution and Enrollment

G. Administration

H. Voluntary Opportunities and Challenges

I. Summary

3. Detailed Reponses to Select Questions for Selected Carriers

A. Voluntary Results

B. Importance Voluntary

C. Executive for Voluntary

D. Voluntary Strategy

E. Voluntary Sales Reps

F. Enrollment

G. Voluntary Brokers

H. Products Offered

I. Enrollment

J. Administration

K. Billing

L. Website

M. Portability

N. Individual Record Keeping


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