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New Eastbridge report shows product enhancement is a top trend for voluntary benefit carriers

Avon, Connecticut (March 14, 2024)


Voluntary benefit carriers continue to enhance and expand their products with more features, benefits, options and value-added services, according to Eastbridge Consulting Group’s latest research.

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Voluntary Product Trends Frontline™ Report

Published 2024


The objective of this report is to is to track and identify the key product trends in the voluntary/worksite market. This is the twelfth survey on voluntary product trends conducted by Eastbridge Consulting Group, Inc.; surveys have been conducted biannually since 2002. Some of the topics covered include overall voluntary product trends, areas of greatest pressure for voluntary products, new or revised product plans for 2024, product development practices, product profitability, growth products for carriers specifically and the industry overall and other topical trends including product bundling and regulatory trends. Where applicable, comparisons are drawn between this year’s results and those of the past several studies.

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Different strokes for different folks

October 2023


Autumn is prime time for some of America’s favorite pursuits: college football, the World Series and… annual benefits enrollments.

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